Our Services

RW Metal Spinning is a full service facility servicing the greater San Francisco Bay Area with the highest quality materials such as:

  • Flanged & Dish Heads
  • Cylindrical Shells
  • Flanged & Stepped Covers
  • Re-Entrant & Flared Venturi
  • And much more!

We specialize in Metal SpinningMetal Stamping and Deep Drawing as well as Shearing and Blanking Capabilities. With honesty and integrity as our base we provide our customers with a top of the line product regardless of the materials used or the complexity of the work.


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Need Woks & lids?

RW Metal Spinning is the #1 local manufacturer of wok and lids in the bay area.
We offer over different varieties such as:

  • Flat bottom
  • Round bottom with one woodside handle
  • Flat bottom with wood spool handle
  • Heavey gauge aluminum cover with wood handle
  • And much more!